Altar Servers

Student’s at St. Roch may begin serving at mass after the start of their 5th grade year and through the summer after 8th grade graduation. This is a wonderful ministry to the church.

Please note that there are 3 servers per Mass scheduled and all 3 will be utilized. Father Hunter has trained all of our servers and is requesting 3 servers at a time. If you have a conflict with the schedule it will be your responsibility to find coverage.

Server Schedule

January 11/12

Saturday, 5pm

Cecelia Keiner

Grace Troxell

Elian Noriega


Sunday, 8am

Callaway Marsh

Zane Baker

Sophia Rossman


Sunday, 10:30am

James Guthrie

Maggie Hayes 

Vivie Hayes

Sunday, 5:30pm

Kendall Kocher

Peyton Kocher

Matthew Hudson


January 18/19

Saturday, 5pm

Chloe Painchaud

Addie Durrett

Rylen James


Sunday, 8am

Lachlan Borders

Sawyer Borders 

Cicily Borders


Sunday, 10:30am

Ezra Littell

Isaiah Littell

Zeke Littell


Sunday, 5:30pm

Michael Riedeman

Faith Lowry

Brady McGuire

January 25/26

Saturday, 5pm

Annah Meehan
Ashlynn Gilmore
Cooper Miles

Sunday, 8am

Olivia Plummer
Diana Plummer
Jack Andrews

Sunday, 10:30am

Monica Jones
Faith Lowry
Elian Noriega

Sunday, 5:30pm

Nate Kinnaman
Lydia Stahley
Landon Ambrosia-Robinson

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