Spiritual Life Commission

The Spiritual Life Commission serves the Parish community by providing the liturgical needs of the Parish.

Prayer Group

Tuesday Group: After 7:15am Mass

Liturgical Ministers

Our celebration of the Liturgy is the single most important thing we do as a people of faith. Anyone who is interested in taking an active part in this liturgical life of our Parish is encouraged to do so. If you are interested, you may contact the people listed below:

Eucharistic Ministers
John & Sharron Murray 317-787-7798
Joey Newton 317-313-7169
Julie Mcguire 317-784-1763
Church Cleaning
Mary Kocher 317-788-1376
Joni Adams 317-782-0566
Mike Schloegl 317-786-0856
Lisa Greene

Ministry to the Sick

The sick of our Parish are remembered in prayer and may received the Holy Eucharist in their homes. To receive prayer and Sacramental communion, or to assist in this ministry, please contact the Parish Office.