San Rocco

Feast Day: August 16th

Saint Roch (San Rocco) was born about 1285, the only child of wealthy parents. When Roch was a young man of twenty, his parents died, leaving him alone with an immense fortune at his disposal. Nevertheless, his heart was sent on the things of Heaven. He gave up his principality and his possessions and distributed his wealth to the poor.

Putting on a pilgrim’s habit, he went to Rome on foot. Devoting himself in Italy to serve the sick during a raging pestilence, he himself fell sick. Shunned and abandoned, he crawled into a neighboring forest, where a dog brought him food. He bore incredible pains with patience and holy joy, and God restored him to health.

He returned to France and spend the remainder of his life in the practice of penance, piety and charity. It is believed that he died at Montpelier in 1327.