Comic Book Club

Comic Book Club Meeting

The All­ New St. Roch Rocket Comics Comic Club

We hope you’ll join us for the St. Roch Rocket Comics Comic Club.  The Comic Club is an excellent opportunity to learn how to draw and have fun while creating comics of all types. We are open to all students ages 3rd grade and up. Please bring pencils and blank paper and an active imagination! No artistic talent is required. In addition to creating with imagination, students will also be learning how to capture thoughts and concepts and place them in meaningful order to communicate them to readers, how to assemble drawings into a book (magazine) format, and tips on printing. If you have any questions, please contact Patrick Snyder @ 317­730­6992 or

Snacks and drinks will be provided so please come and join us for a very good time! This club will meet once per month moving forward.   Please read the Rocket Report every week for information on upcoming meeting dates.